TORQUE & TEST DISPATCH (701) 504-8571 Frac Pump Dispatch (701) 690-3142

TORQUE & TEST DISPATCH (701) 504-8571
Frac Pump Dispatch (701) 690-3142

We Bring the Right Tools for the Job

Foremost Well Service was established in Dickinson, ND in 2016, and remains a locally owned and operated business there to this day. We take pride in our state-of-the-art equipment, our commitment to our team members’ safety, and providing quality solutions to our clients’ diverse needs. We currently staff 6 – 550 series rigs and 2 – 750 series rigs.

  • Pump changes
  • Tubing repairs
  • Casing repairs

  • Toe preparation
  • Liner installation
  • Refrac preparation

  • Drill-outs
  • Clean-outs
  • Rig assist w/snubbing operations

Our Crew

Foremost primarily focuses on 24-hour completion and production work, though we do offer daylight packages. Our commitment to safety includes work schedules that minimize crew fatigue.

  • 24-hour crew – 14 days on, 7 days off
  • Daylight crew – 5 days on, 2 days off

Our Equipment

Foremost utilizes KSM Inc. Rig & Equipment for preferred manufacturing and refurbishments. Our rigs satisfy KSM’s recommendation of Level 4 recertification every 24k hours (about once every 3 years while running on 24-hour operations). Our rigs have outriggers that bring load limits down to 200k, but also offer operators the ability to not install deadman anchors on their engineered pad, or the need to haul in an engineered rig matting.

Safety Features

Foremost runs multiple safety devices to assist with human error, including:

  • BOP ram savers
  • Posi-Stop rod transfer savers
  • Posi-Stop crown/floor savers
  • Onboard BOP stand & remote control
  • Pason’s DataHub data reporting (select rigs only)


Foremost utilizes Kerr Pumps as our primary fluid ends provider. We ensure minimal downtime for our clients by using long-lasting stainless steel fluid ends, as well as running full service on our equipment (including new valves and seats) before taking it out into the field. Our large selection of pumps range from 600 to 2,250 hp. Our typical 24-hour completion package includes one 600 hp and one 1k hp pump.

Power Swivels

Each of Foremost’s completion rigs are equipped with a Venturetech XK-100 power swivel with 200k hook load (static) and 190k hook load (rotating) capacities. These swivels have up to 10k lb pressure rating capacity for high-pressure jobs, including drill-outs. Each swivel is shipped in new packaging to ensure minimal downtime for the producer.

Pipe Handlers

Foremost utilizes pipe handlers by Workhorse and Hawker – two of the most trusted names in the oil industry. Each has an operating height of 32′ and weight of 4k lb. We regularly evaluate our pipe handlers, sending them in for overhaul as needed. Overhaul includes full teardown, steel repair, new wiring, hose replacement (as needed), sandblasting, clear-coating and reassembly.

Dog Houses

Foremost runs skidded equipment on our completion packages, which include generators, accumulators, tool rooms, and full electrical systems for the rig and support equipment. We are currently outfitting our 24-hour production operations with 44′ combo building mobile doghouses, which include one generator, accumulator, tool room and crew shack. Daylight operations use 24′ bumper-pull crew shacks.

Blowout Preventers (BOPs)

We have the availability of 7” 5k or 7” 10k BOPs:

  • Square body (Townsend style)
  • Cameron type U
  • Shaffer LWS
  • Blind rams & shears
  • VBR, flex rams & packers
  • Packer and rams 1.9–5.5”
  • X-over spools, DSAs & annulars
  • D valve full opening safety valves
  • Gate valves 2-1/16” & 3-1/8”, 5k & 10k

Looking for a career change?

Come discover the competitive wages, great benefits, and opportunities for career advancement offered by Foremost!


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